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Posted 2 days ago by Liz Lopez

July 21, 2019 


Secret Message:  Recite the Luat Bay backwards from 5-1 (1 point) 


9am - 9:45am Check-in with den leader, secret message, exercise, prep for Flag Ceremony

9:45am-10:10am  Chao Co LD/Flag Ceremony

10:10am-10:25am  Break

10:25am-11:30am American Program

11:30am-11:45am Chao Co be mac and dismissal

Den Responsibility:

  • Clean up: White (Trắng)
  • Warm up: Green (Xanh)
  • Flag: Red (Đỏ)

Reminders for CN:  Wear Class A, hat, sun lotion, bring a snack and water

Instructions for American Program from Chim Xam


  • Welcome back, we will go over one more badge booklet for America program.


  •  3 Promises and 10 laws of girl scout
  • Review materials on pages 69, 70, 71  which learned and discussed in the scout meeting before summer break
  • Do homework on pages 72 & 73
  • Read pages 74 & 75


  • Continue meeting on Google Hangouts Thursday 7:30 pm or more as necessary
  • Make sure you know your role and tune in; do what’s needed. If for some reason you are unsure, check in with your project managers (Madison and Olivia).  Over the breaks girls have communicated over chat (google hangout) and decided to recycle plastic bottles and turned them into local recycling center. Funds from proceeds to be donated to a tree planting organization called   Https://onetreeplanted.org, girls were to all join the donation team Https: www.classy.org/team/237520  
  • You should be reading and working though up to step 6 by now and have completed paragraphs up to steps 6.  Turn in your paragraphs to your Editors. 


Reminder for Parents:

  • Upcoming Camp at Balboa Scout Camp (San Diego) 8/30/19-9/1/19
Posted 7/8/2019 9:15:00 PM by Liz Lopez

July 13, 2019 Newport Seabase Activity



9:00am: Check-in with Chim Xam at Newport Seabase; turn in completed waiver forms for each participant; pay fees if parents have not paid

10:00am- 12: Seabase Activity

12-1pm:  Lunch

Reminders for CN:  Wear class B, shorts, sun lotion, hat, pack extra clothes, towel, light jacket

Newport Seabase address:  1931 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663; phone  949-642-5031


Reminder for Parents:

  • Return to Scout Meeting at Plaza Vista on 7/21/19
  • Roller Skate Party August 2019
  • Camping coming up
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