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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Apr 2

Written by: TD Bach Viet
4/2/2015 6:33 AM 

I hope everyone enjoyed the 10 Year Anniversary Camp!  We also had many reputable visitors who also came to share this memorable occasion with us.  They included the Irvine city councilwoman, the presidents of OCBSA and OC GSUSA, the president of HDVN, leaders from other troops, Mr. Webb, Huong Viet alumni, and others.  Not only that, but we also had several television stations present to air our celebration on the news.  The camp presentation went great, thanks to our weekly meeting preparations over the last few weeks.  Our hard work preparing and setting up this camp definitely impressed our visitors.  

Aside from the all the work we had to put into it, the camp still proved to be an enjoyable experience. We had good meals provided for us, and we even had a food truck come and provide dinner.  Also, we got a chance to meet up again with some returning alumni scouts, who badly defeated us in a game of dodgeball.  Lastly, we got to watch an event filled night of performances by both the parents and the scouts, ranging from fashion shows to singing and dancing. Thanh Doan’s “Baden Awards” were also fun to watch as we saw all of our favorite Truong receive trophies at the end of the day. To wrap up the night, special performances were given by some talented singers in our crew: Jerry, Luan, Van, Michelle, Kelvin, and Derek. Now that camp is over, I hope you all have a relaxing spring break!

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