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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Jul 11

Written by: TD Bach Viet
7/11/2015 2:30 PM 

            To all of you who were not able to attend Trai Khai Pha, there are only three words that can accurately describe this camp to you according to Benjamin, “You missed out.”  (Unfortunately, I also fall under this category). But from our crew members’ reflections of this camp, it seems to have lived up to its title as “Super Camp”. While spending a full week in the outdoors sounds intimidating, it is not as bad as it seems – especially if you were like Jerry, Vince, and Luan who brought along a nice, thick mattress to sleep on for all six nights.

            Besides getting to know others at this intercrew camp, Trai Khai Pha hosted a ton of other fun events ranging from C.O.P.E. to movie nights and beach days. Obviously, I can’t forget to mention the karaoke bus rides where the crew jammed out to songs including Ariana Grande’s “The Way.” Campfire performances were also entertaining. While we performed a skit, we also got to watch dances and songs from the other crews. In addition, the food was very good, since it included a lot of Vietnamese food and even a banquet. All in all, this was a camp was well worth attending, and I highly recommend that everyone go should this come up again.



Jimmy - "Liked spending time with other crews, made many new friends"

Tylor - "Best camp I've been to"

Jennifer - "AWESOME camp"

Elaine - "love the camp -- it was definitely worth the $$ and time"







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