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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Aug 11

Written by: TD Bach Viet
8/11/2015 1:50 AM 

        This camp was different to say the least. Focused on a minimalist, survival style, the camp was appropriately given a "Hunger Games"-esque theme. Reassigned into three different teams/districts, Fire, Earth, and Water (The Air district was wiped out by the Fire Nation I guess), everybody got a chance to work closely with their teammates throughout the day to survive the challenges thrown at us by the "Game Masters". To make things more interesting, the Game Masters' first decree was the confiscation of our camp equipment including tents, stoves, and cell phones. For the rest of the day, we managed with only the possessions in our backpacks, resources from the Cornucopia (advisor's domain), and the occasional "airlifted" gifts from our "sponsors". These items were scarce and also irreplaceable, as demonstrated by myself who had dropped and broken the Earth District's only watermelon within 2 minutes of receiving it.  

        Strange "misfortunes" also seemed to plague us this camp. For example, California momentarily forgot about its drought and unleashed a sudden downpour on our makeshift shelters in the middle of a sunny, cloudless day (I am beginning to suspect that it was a conspiracy by the Game Masters involving hoses and water guns). In addition, three of our scouts "coincidentally" tripped and injured themselves at the same time, forcing the crew to perform first aid procedures and carry them roughly a quarter mile back to the first aid station. 

        Nevertheless, we survived the Game Masters' games and challenges, the tarantulas roaming around, and the "Pits of Death" (aka the bathrooms). Luckily, our tents were eventually returned to us and we celebrated the night with a mini-rave hosted by DJ Travis and glow stick manipulation performances by Marvin. All in all, I thought it was a great camp. Kudos to Marvin, Vivian, Jameson, and the rest of the truong for setting it up for us!





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