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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Sep 20

Written by: TD Bach Viet
9/20/2015 5:41 AM 

          Well, first comes first. WELCOME NEW VENTURERS! We are all looking forward to a great new year with you all:) Bridging today consisted of many different competitive and amusing games that allowed for us all to bond as a new crew. With our 35 new crew members, we sat down in a circle playing and ice breaker game. Sitting in a circle, each person would stand up state their names and the names of the previous people and sit back down. It was a great way for everyone to learn each others names and faces as we proceeded to the next game. After introducing ourselves, the crew then played  the land mine game. In this game, each person would would have to cross the tarp,blindfolded, without touching the various items on the tarp. Following this game came the donut game. Similarly to the land mine game, each of the new venturers were blindfolded. They each had to eat a donut that had been strung to a hiking stick. At different heights, it was very enjoyable to watch each of them attempt to eat the donut on their first try. Following the games, the girls and boys spilt up to change into their venturing uniforms. They each had 2 mintues to change inside the tents. We then walked over to take pictures of our new crew. Each crew member reached in their class A and was surprised to find a balloon in it. They each blew it up and popped the balloon to find a note in it saying "Welcome to Crew 105!" in it.All in all, the day was great and super enjoyable. Again, we are all looking forward to an exciting new year with out 60+ person crew!

-Crew Historians


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