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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Feb 14

Written by: TD Bach Viet
2/14/2016 8:20 PM 

As our second survival camp, the theme was a decathlon involving gods and goddesses. Throughout the day, the crew was to compete in a series of challenges ending in the 10th challenge that not only determined what the winning team would get for dinner, but who won the entire decathlon. We were first split into 2 different teams of 16 people, the blue team and the red team. After splitting we were aked to compete in a blind audition where A. Travis and A. Randall would chose their teams. After both teams performed their Justin Bieber song, A. Randall chose the blue team and A. Travis chose the red team. The blue team was given the Westminster kingdom and the red team was given the Bolsa kingdom. For each challenge. we were called by Martemis (A. Marvin), who would give us clues as to where we would be able to find our next challenge. For our first challenge, we had to meet C. Caitlyn where we were given the challenge to rearrange ourselves in a specific order without talking. For example, we would have to order ourselves in order of birthdate or height. The red team, who won the first challenge, was rewarded with various tools and equipment that they were able to use to build their obstacle course. Similar to each challenge, the winner would recieve more tools and snacks while the losing team got very little equipment and no snacks. After competing in each challenge, the teams returned to their kingdom and continued to build their obstacle course. Whenever Maretmis called, we would race to him and listen for our next clues. For our second challenge, we were to meet A. Travis where we competed in 3 rounds of the dragon game. In this game, each team lined up and liked themselves into a long line. The first person was the dragon head and the last person was the tail. The opposing team would have to try and get the neckerchief off of the other teams tail and vis versa. With another red victory, the team recieved more snacks and tools. Moving on, our third challenge was the lunch challenge. It deretermined what each team would eat for lunch. For this round, we had to listen and decode a morse code given to us. The code led us to A. Kevin who gave us a variety of puzzles to complete. After completeing them, we headed down the thicket to A. Travis. He gave us a list of steps in which we had to follow using our compass. As both the red and blue teams got lost, we were given hints by A. Travis to find the clue that would eventually lead us to A. Randall. There we were tasked to build a fishing pole with 3 hiking sticks, rope, and a hanger. After fishing for the brown bag, we ran up to A. Kevin who gave us a bucket, a knife,2 ziploc bags, a gallon of water, and 2 fish. We had to scale, gut, and clean each fish. After, we would put them in the bags. The blue team won this challenge which allowed them to eat hamburgers for lunch while the red team got to eat chicken quesidillas. After lunch, we went back and continued to work on our courses. We were then called for our next challenge which was a chiken fight. Each person was numbered off. When they were called into the rink, they would have to hop on one leg and try to push the other person over so that they would have both feet on the floor. The blue team won this round and were awarded with more tools. For the second to last challenge, we had to run down to meet C. Tra Mi. We were presented with 2 ropes that were braided. We had to group into groups of 3 and each grabned one of the 3 ropes. We would then have to move our bodies in order to unbraid the ropes. When we were done, we had to go up and do a caterpillar race. After that, each team had to build stairs for one of the team members to climb on. The red team, who got to the finish line first, won the challenge, and collected their prizes. Each team then returned to their kingdom to finalize their obstacle courses. One girl and one guy from each team was asked to demonstrate their obstacle course. Whichever team got through the other team's course the fastest got the winning dinner and were winners of the entire decathlon. Completeing the course only a few mintues faster than the red team, the blue team won and were given beef kaabobs for dinner. The red team was given ground beef, mushrooms, bell peppers, and zucchini wrapped inside lettuce. After dinner, we gathered by the campfire and cooked finger foods such as mini corn dogs and pizza rolls. We ended the night by singing to disney songs and drinking hot chcolate. On Sunday morning, we woke up and ate instant noodles and breakfast burritos. We then cleaned up our campsite and reflected on the camp. Overall, this camp was a funfilled camp that allowed us to challenge ourselves. Not only that but we were all got to bond more with newer scouts and with each other :) 

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