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Thanh Doan Bach Viet
Apr 2

Written by: TD Bach Viet
4/2/2016 7:22 PM 

Another camp, another success! Lien Doan Huong Viet's Oneil Camp was overall amazing. The camp was started off with our gate team building an awesome gate. With our awesome gate, we made an awesome campsite! Bewteen setup and lunchtime, the crew were practicing for the opening act and the skit for the campfire. During lunch, the crew made their food with their teams. There was a variety of food and everything looked very delicious. Then it came to the games. The games were set up there all the Thanhs and all the Thieus were combined to form their teams. Each team were able to come up with their team names and the design of their team flags. Most of the Thanh took leadership in leading their team. Shoutout to all the leaders who lead the teams! There were 8 games. All the games differed. Some of the games were for fun and used teamwork, otheres were scout skilled games and the scouts had to use their knowledge. The points were based off of teamwork, scout spirit, and flag design. After the amazing games, the Iron Chef competition commenced. Salmon, turkey, spinich, and rice were required to use for the compeition. There are also other ingredients that the scouts were able to add on to make their top quality cuisine. Everything looked tasty and because there was so many other ingredients, every team's dish had its own unique aspect. Iron Chef was a success! After Iron Chef, it came to the campfire. The opening act did an amazing job with their light show. The skit team won 1st place overall with very little preparation. Shoutout to both teams for their hard work and commitment. At the end of the campfire, the crew had a crackerbarrel. There were hot chocolate and snacks for everyone. This was a great way to end the night with every crew member bonding with each other. Overall, the camp was amazing and everyone seemed to have a great time. Last but not least, shoutout to Vi Duong and Claire Ma for earning their Tuyen Hua! 

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