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Thieu Doan Tay Son News & Events
Tay Son Announcement and TMP for October 28, 2018
Posted 10/26/2018 1:53:00 AM by Quang Nguyen

Weekly News & Events

For Sunday 10-28-2018

Announcements for parents and scouts

This Sunday is the last meeting before Fiesta Camp !!! Are you READY for CAMP?

All parents:

  • All permission slip for Fiesta Island Camp and Year-End Picnic must be completed before this Sunday
  • All registration forms must be completed on this Sunday.  If registration and permission slip are not complete, your scout can not go to camp.
  • Tayson will have parent meeting at 9:15 AM at Tayson location to talk about Fiesta Island Camp info for Parents


All scouts:

  • We will have equipment inspection this Sunday.  Please bring in your backpack, sleeping bag, 10 essentials and all troop/patrol equipment (patrol box, stove, tents, lanterns, washing station, etc) for inspection.
  • This is your detailed Fiesta Island Camp Planning document. Use it as you plan your camp activities.
  • Patrol will perform Patrol checklist (PL to report this checklist to SPL on Sunday)

1. all permission slip turn in

2. all registration turn in

3. camp meal plan

4. patrol flag

5. patrol yell

6. patrol equipment check

7. patrol member personal camping items inspection



Troop Meeting Plan (TMP)



Run by:

Start Time

PLC startup

SPL overviews plan for the day to PLC



Opening Ceremony

___15__ minutes

Formation, attendance, uniform check, Scout Oath & Laws



Patrol time

__30_ minutes

Roll call; PL flow down camp menu option.  

PL go through Patrol checklist

Distribute equipment among scouts in patrol



Skills Instruction

__60__ minutes

Or more

Food safety

Campfire activity



InterPatrol activity

__45__ minutes

PL reports checklist and detailed meal plan to SPL

Patrol Quartermaster reports equipment status to Quartermaster

SPL conference with SM about Camp Readiness




__10___ minutes

Scoutmaster Minute; Dismissal

PLs makes sure all patrol equipment are picked up!

Quartermaster makes sure all Troop Equipment are picked up!



After the meeting

__10__ minutes

PLC Meeting




TS Upcoming Events
Event Start Title
6/23/2019 OFF
6/30/2019 OFF
7/7/2019 OFF

Merit Badge Day

Scoutmaster Conference (SMC) and Board of Review (BOR)

1. The BOR will be conducted on the second Sunday of each month.  The cut-off for request submission is Monday night before the following Sunday BOR.  This give the BOR time to prepare.
2. Scout must include scout name, rank, unit, and Scoutmaster name
3. BOR for Tenderfoot, 1st and 1nd Class requires an essay from the scout
4. BOR for Star and Life requires another leader for another unit tosit in the review
5. No SMC on the same day as BOR

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